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In the twentieth year of my network marketing career with Simplexity Health, I find myself taking a walk around a beautiful marina in Seattle, Washington, during the time of the day when everyone else is trapped in their work cubicals. I’m in my sweats and I don’t care one ounce!

In the past, I always felt the restrictions of having fixed work hours and having to be “at work,” on nice days. My day dreams often took me back to camping, hiking, and traveling adventures I’ve enjoyed in my youth.
So, I had my “reasons” for wanting to be my own boss, to have my own business and to drop out of the standard, daily commuting routine. When I found Simplexity Health, the right company for me, it took lots of focused effort and time before I could afford to become “full time” working my own home-based business.   This business changed the quality of my life and now I “play” far more often.
I’ve walked on the beach in front of an ancient Greek temple at sunrise; I’ve enjoyed the lights of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower on a midsummers evening; I’ve spent many extraordinary days crusing and swimming with whales in British Columbia, Mexico and Hawaii. Most of my life has been filled with enriching play when my son could accompany me.

When I made the decision to break free of the shackles of the standard corporate routine, and get into the network marketing business, I found that the most important thing that this business gave me is freedom. Every morning I wake up and thank God and the universe because, first, I don’t have to get up, and second, I don’t have to merge onto those freeways!
I have the freedom to choose how I spend my time and I deeply believe that one of the greatest pleasures of a balanced life includes the enjoyment of recreational pursuits that fill the heart.
Donia Alalawi Seattle, Washington

Ray Cassano, of Clearwater, FL, joined the company in 1992. The rest is MLM history. One of our most influential business associates, Ray developed a mass marketing system which sparked growth leading to nearly 300,000 distributors. He set a record for reaching the highest title in just nine months and then helped two of his downline members to beat his record!

Ray has benefitted thousands of people over the course of this company’s history. Ray is poised to lead simpleixy into the next wave of growth.


In Network Marketing, we often talk about the benefits of having a residual income, that it affords us more time for leisure, travel, vacation, and more time to be with our families.  A few years into building this business, my family and I learned something about the true value of that time freedom.

My wife Johnnie and I have young children.  At that time, they were seven, five and a two. Two days after our daughter’s second birthday, we suddenly learned that she had a serious, even life-threatening kidney ailment; Wilm’s tumor. She had to be placed immediately in the hospital for surgery to remove the kidney. For a time, we didn’t know whether she would live or not.

Because I had an established and growing network, I was able to immediately drop everything I was doing and put all my focus on my daughter, on her healing and well being. This meant being away from my supporting role in my network for several months.

The financial security of a residual income meant that we didn’t need to worry about how to support ourselves during those weeks and months – but that’s not all. After Elise’s surgery, we were able to spend as much time as we needed carfully researching all the possible options for helping her healing and recovery, and our networking income meant that we were able to choose what we felt were the best alternative healing modalities, even though none of them are covered by insurance.

This whole episode was a tremendous emotional shock for us; the moment the news of our situation went out through the network grapevine, we felt a huge wave of support, care and love pouring in, not only from our own network, but also from the entire field as well as from the people at the company itself. People in the network were also incredible resources, helping us find the best healing approaches for Elise. And through it all, we felt so cared for and supported by our friends, that it really helped us through that time.    Mark Segars Longmont, CO

Katharine Clark is one of simplexity’s first Business Associates and continues to celebrate amazing successes over 20 years later. She was one of the first women to reach the highest title and did it in just one year! Katharine makes enrolling new people while supporting her existing group and serving the entire field in an advisory role look easy. A Health Educator at Hippocrates Health Institute and a worldwide traveler, she has dedicated her life to teaching others about the path to health and financial freedom.

Katharine has been named one of the Top 10 Women in MLM by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association.

Hannah Ineson, a nutritional consultant for 30 years, joined the company in 1987. She is a professional artist and professional networker.  As the co-founder and continuing director of the Guatemala/Philippines Project, Hannah plays an integral role in our beloved Simple Solutions foundation. She taught macrobiotics for over ten years and is the former co-owner of the Way of Life Macrobiotic Center.  Hannah is an expert network marketer and her many talents include managing a large and successful network of dedicated IBAs.


Linda Bruno is a Director with simpleXity;  a practicing Iridologist, Herbalist, and Nutrition educator. She has been sharing the benefits of Super Blue Green Algae products with her clients for over 20 years. Linda says that initially signing up as a business associate in 1989 was one of the best decisions she has ever made and that her involvement with simpleXity has been life changing for her, physically, emotionally and financially.

Linda says she continues to grow in ways she didn’t know were possible.  She believes that algae is “like a magnet that keeps attracting caring, considerate people, who have a strong desire to make a positive difference in our world.” She is grateful for the privilege of being a stay at home mom for her daughter, Tylia and this is possible thanks to the financial


Being a Simplexity distributor gives me a lifestyle of fun, excellent income, enjoyable work, and plenty of time for hobbies, music, grandchildren and taking care of my own and my family’s health.

My Simplexity business allows me to relax or make big changes in my life for the first week or so of every month. For example, the first week of next month, my husband, now mostly retired, and I will move in and care for preschool grandchildren while their parents take a five day holiday. Sometimes we travel and sometimes we go to our cabin, play flute and piano duets and enjoy nature.

The many activities in my business provide lots of variety in my working life. I talk with prospects, consumers, and distributors, on the phone or in person. I hold meetings in my home and, less often now, I lead meetings in the homes of my business builders. I visit stores, do personal growth and lifestyle consults with my distributors, read and write a lot of emails. I’m just getting into the whole world of e-business. I enjoy all that I do. I especially enjoy the freedom of planning my own time.

Diane Silver, Richmond Hill, Ontario


Allyson Gernandt lives in the Great Smoky Mountains of NC.  She is a silversmith, a hypnotherapist and a simplexity Coach. She teaches the art of dowsing and is a past president of the Appalachian Dowsers.

She was always an active outdoors enthusiast. But at age 44 she ran out of energy and didn’t even feel like going for a walk. Her brain felt like it was in a fog. She received a tape in the mail and listened to it. Her intuition told her that this algae was what she needed. She ate the algae, and her energy returned to the point where she could easily jog 5 miles on her mountain trails again. She concluded that her diet had been missing micronutrients, even though she thought she was eating a healthy diet. She decided she would never be without the algae. Her sons ate lots of algae capsules every morning with breakfast. They were both competing in track and field, so on race days she gave them extra algae capsules to take before the race. They were the top runners on their teams all through high school.

Vee and Demaris Drummond, Boeing Company retirees, began eating the Super Blue Green Algae products in November of 1995. At that time, their only concern was to improve their own immune system. After eating the products for just a few months, people began asking what they were doing? It was then that they decided they could help others improve their health, so why not do the business?

They have been working on and off as IBAs in the business. Their days begin early in the early morning and run until late at night. “People are always amazed that we are 72 years old. We do not use prescriptions of any kind. We depend on providing our body with the nutrients it needs through the blue-green algae products,”say the Drummonds.

Marlo Kimmel started working with animals over 20 years ago because of her deep love for animals. She is well known as an animal whisperer, trainer, and communicator across the US and Canada.

Marlo joined simpleXity around 17 years ago because of the algae. She knew it was the missing piece of the puzzle for her animal work. Her first algae customer was a bird, and the changes in that bird showed her she was right. That bird client’s “mom and dad,” came into the business and signed up thousands of customers, just based on the incredible changes they saw in their own pet.

 “I literally could not run my business successfully without the simpleXity products. They are a key component to my work. The first change I make with every pet is to put them on the products. When the owners see how well their pets do, they want the same for themselves, and then everyone wins. As one owner said to me, “I didn’t tell you, but I started taking the algae with my dog, and I feel better now too!” Always sell the algae to your friends and their pets. They will be so grateful you did!

I started my Simplexity business as a college student. At the time I was suffering from a degenerative nerve disorder that had caused my hands and feet to become very weak. It was a very trying time in my life. My future was so uncertain due to my health concerns.

I decided to try the Simplexity products and within about three months my health had dramatically improved. I was so excited! I started to build a business right away after I personally experienced the powerful and life changing benefits of these products. After only seven months in the business part-time (I was finishing school and getting married) I started earning enough money that I could continue on with the business fulltime and it’s now been over ten years that I have been doing this business and I’ve been paid very nicely every single month for over ten years.
Some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed the most from doing this business are: Incredible lifestyle freedom, Paying off all my credit card debt, Wonderful long vacations,
Contributing to the lives of others.
Simplexity has a motto “Health, Hope, and Opportunity”. This motto has become a reality in my life. The Simplexity products helped give me my health back, which in turn gave me hope and energy to pursue my dreams which I did through the Simplexity business opportunity.
It’s amazing to realize I’ve been doing this for over ten years. What an incredible journey it has been. I don’t want to even contemplate what my life would have been like without these products and this opportunity. The health and financial benefits have literally been a lifesaver for me and my wife.
Charles Leslie, Bellingham WA

Charlene Nitke is a second-generation simpleXity business builder. In early 1982, already having been to the top of two MLM companies, her parents experienced a life changing event. Ed was at the counter in a local café telling of his war ills when a man handed him a bottle of green liquid. The man said it gave him lots of energy. The Taylor family got in touch with the founders of what is now known as simpleXity. They helped simplexity successfully  the compensation plan, and the Taylor Family became the first distributors of simpleXity!

Charlene shares, “Network marketing is a lifestyle that builds friendships, a social life with incredible entertainment, a feeling of security and well-being, a health model for endless generations, and residual income.”

Jan Fitzpatrick, from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, joined simpleXity in 1990. She is currently working as a holistic health practitioner with the desire to help improve others’ lives. While working for Boehringer Mannheim for 8 years, she helped to introduce the concept of diabetics taking and managing their own blood sugars, which is now the accepted way of managing diabetic health.

When Jan’s sons were 2 and 5, each member of her family was in a health crisis.  “SimpleXity found us. To support our consumption and to share the great health benefits for other families, I started my simpleXity business,” says Jan.

That was 21 years ago. Today, Jan says she is grateful for the continuing commission checks every month. Jan says, “simpleXity products are one of the key components to getting their bodies back into balance.  “I feel that my greatest accomplishment is that my family is healthy, commissions are coming in every month, and I have helped to improve the lives of all the people and pets that have used the simpleXity products.”

Charlotte Carreira, MBA, has worked with simpleXity in a variety of roles since 1994.  She has worked with individuals, health professionals, and many domestic and international companies in the areas of marketing, strategic planning and break-through motivation. Charlotte is passionate about women’s issues and has served as a model and mentor for women making changes in their life and empowering them to break through their own fears of being successful.

Charlotte says that, “Simplexity Health and network marketing continues to serve as the vehicle for me to live my life purpose—serving others in health and well-being and discovering right livelihood; and as the lucrative financial support for my children and I. I look forward to building my business and especially supporting young adults to develop empowering alternatives to their income and lifestyle—they are our future. To have a healthy sustainable world physically and financially is an inspiring vision.”