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The Klamath Environment


Harvesting & Processing the Algae

Jim Carpenter’s Opinion–a local ecologist discusses the Klamath ecosystem

Functional Nutrition & The 4 Building Blocks of Health

The 4 Building Blocks of Health

Building Block 1: Superfood Nutrition

Building Block 2: Digestive Nutrition

Building Block 3: Antioxidant Nutrition

Building Block 4: Specialized Nutrition


Algae Activation I

Algae Activation II

Algae, Chlorella & Spirulina Comparisons


Enzymes are Essential

Victoras Kulvinskas on Enzymes


Why we all need Probiotics


Antioxidants & Super Q10

For Our Animal Friends

Individual Products

All-Inclusive Program Products

Essentials Blend

The Essentials

The Essentials 2

Superfood Products

SBGA is a Superfood

Nutrients in SBGA



Why Algae (Body)

BG Bars A Whole Food bar

BG Bars Healthy Food-on-the-Go

BG Bars– The Perfect Pet Treat

Digestive Products




Enzymes for Extra Support

Antioxidant Products

 Wild Earth

Antioxidants & Super Q10

Specialized Products

Renew with Barbara

Renew with Katharine


Nutrabeautiful Lotion