The Steps Written Business Resources

Written Business Resources

Get Started

The Cycle of Success

Suggested Training Schedule

Step 1: Define Your Dreams

Dreams Into Reality

Define Your Dreams

Income Goals

Step 2: Take Your First Steps

Creating Your Home Office

Step 3: Make Your List

Make Your List, New Associate

Make Your List, Established Associate

40 Names in 40 Minutes

 Memory Jogger

Traits that Predict Success

Step 4: Build Connections

Business Basics Rules & Skills

Build Connections Part 1: Your Niche

Build Connections Part 2: Assessments

Assessments Worksheet

Build Connections Part 3: Marketing Channels

Marketing 101: The 3 Levels of Connection

Marketing 102: Active vs Passive

The 5 Stages of Finding Clients

The 10 Things Your Customers Want from You

Map Traffic to your Site

10 Myths About Online Marketing

Step 5: Invite

Making an Invitation: the Basics

The Business Invitation Formula

The Product Invitation Formula

The Skill of Unattachment

How to Enroll Clients without Selling

Step 6: Listen & Ask

The Skill of Listening

Emotional Intelligence

Turning Around an “I Can’t Afford This”

Presentation Follow Up: Product Presentation

Useful Phrases after a Product Presentation

Presentation Follow Up: Business Presentation

Useful Phrases after a Business Presentation

How to Approach a Professional Office

Business Model for Professionals

Explain Goals & Benefits to a Business

Ongoing Follow Up Resources: Staying Connected to your Organization

Recommended Schedule for Ongoing Connections to your Organization

Keeping Connected, the Basics

Keeping Connected, Brand Awareness

More resources for staying connected found under Ongoing Connection Resources

Step 7: Create Your Customer Base

Income Benefits for Creating Consumer Volume

Health Intake

Health Intake Scoring Key

Recommendations & Results Sheet

Step 8: Duplicate

Get 3 Action Steps Document

Get 3 Diagram Worksheet


Buddy System