Ongoing Connections: Simplexity Calls & Archives

The following materials are still available but branded to Simplexity.

Algae Boxstuffer (information ready to send as mail/email) pg.1

Algae Boxstuffer (information ready to send as mail/email) pg.2

Enzymes Boxstuffer (information ready to send as mail/email)  NOTE: Page 2 has dated information, so you might want to copy only page 1

Super Sprouts & Algae Boxstuffer NOTE: This is an online flyer, which is writable.  You can put your contact info in the box then print it out.

Spectrabiotics Boxstuffer Note: Also contains information for Essentials.

The following calls are archives from when we were still Simplexity.

Written Call Summaries

Call Summary/Kevin Larson: Our new Field Liaison and Marketing Manager 7/3/2013

Call Summary/Donia Alalawi & Barbara Swanson Show Me the Money 6/12/2013

Call Summary/Barbara Swanson: Sugar and Health 5/8/2013

Call Summary/Barbara Swanson on Foods & Your DNA 5/2/2013

Call Summary/Dr. Sue Pisano on the Power of Probiotics 4/24/2013

Call Summary/Dr. Jeffrey Bruno on Algae Research 4/10/2013

Call Summary/Donia Alalawi on Detox 3/27/2013

Call Summary/Antioxidant Products 2/20/13

Call Summary/Stemplex 1/09/13

Call Summary/Donia Alalawi on Reflex & Juiced

Call Summary/Dr. John Taylor on Autism

Call Summary/Dr. Laura Thompson

Call Summary/Dr. Sue Pisano

Recorded Audio Files: Product Calls

7/10/2013 Medicinal vs Nutritional Healing with Donia Alalawi and Allyson Gernandt

6/12/2013 Show Me the Money with Donia Alalawi & Barbara Swanson

5/8/2013 The Role of Sugar in Aging with Barbara Swanson

5/2/2013 Foods and Your DNA with Barbara Swanson

4/24/2013 The Power of Probiotics with Dr. Sue Pisano

4/10/2013 New Microalgae Research: A Review by Dr. Jeffrey Bruno

4/3/2013 Foods for Life-Long Health with Dr. Jackie Graff RN

3/6/2013  The 4 Simple Building Blocks Natural Health Model  with Katharine & Barbara

3/13/2013 ADD, Autism and more with Dr. John Taylor

2/27/2013 Natural Health & Lifestyle Choices with Alison Heath

2/20/2013 The Secrets of Antioxidants with Barbara & Katharine

2/06/2013 The Science of Good Foods with Jackie Graff

1/16/2013 Why Algae? with Katharine, Donia & Barbara

1/9/2013 Stem Cells and Stemplex with Katharine, Barbara & Linda Nelson-Brill

12/5/12 Functional Nutrition and our products with Donia, Katharine & Barbara

11/21/2012 Autism and Nutrition with Dr. John Taylor

11/7/2012 Antioxidant Nutrition with Barbara Swanson 

11/28/2012 Superfood Synergy with Donia Alalawi

Recorded Audio Files: Business Calls

5/29/2013: Justin Straus: The Future of Simplexity

2/13/2013 Expand your Business with Niche Marketing with Barbara, Donia & Linda Nelson-Brill

11/14/2012 Business information and Holiday Ideas with Katharine & Barbara