We have both Business Presentations and Product Presentations.  They are found on two separate and unique urls (websites).  This prevents your prospect from accidently viewing presentations they are not interested in (at this time).

These sites are not connected in any way to this training site; nor do they allow for any contact with another Coach or administrator.

This allows you total confidence in using either website as a prospecting resource.  You can send the url to a downline member or prospect, if you want them to pick and choose which materials they watch/read.  You can copy a single page; send a page url; or even email any video you find on either site.

All videos are embedded, meaning they do not connect back to youtube in any direct manner.  The videos are also privately listed.  This means you have to use the embed “share” option–a random search will not bring any of them up.  This allows you the greatest control over which materials your prospect views.

Business Presentations are found on

Product Presentations are found on