How To Use


This training site is designed for flexibility. Whether you are just getting oriented to this business, needing a presentation for a prospect, or looking for a specific resource, you will find that information within one or more sections of this site.

If you want to start your business training now:

       Review Get Started

  •        Become familiar with the overall site, with an emphasis on the Grow section of the training
  •        Go to work on the appropriate Step for your business

If you wish for a more detailed training schedule, go to our Suggested Training Outline

Note: if you are already active, some steps may not apply to you. However, because you will be helping others as they come onto your team, you want to become familiar with them. Some, such as Step 1, is worth repeating whenever you want to create new momentum!

Each topic and ‘bite’ of information is designed to fit into the continuum of the 8 Simple Steps on the Cycle of Success; yet also stands on its own. You can find the single topic you need, or work through a complete training process. We suggest you work with your mentor or see the suggested training protocol, below.

Note: The Cycle contains elements that are universal to creating a network marketing organization. There are many variations in how these elements may be presented. We realize that different leaders may have a training that has a different layout or number of steps.

Our goal is that all New Earth lines in this organization feel free to pick and choose, out of the resources found on this site, what works for their specific training needs.

Information is intuitively located through the tabs and menus.  All tools or tips mentioned in any section are also found  in the Resources section. You will also find links to recommended resources and training available from Simplexity.   You can find both Business Testimonials and Product Testimonials in our Resource section.

You will find materials, such as video clips, that are also appropriate to make available to your prospects, under the Presentations tab


Here you will find specific product training modules as well as video clips featuring our main products and the Autoship packages. There is also a segment on our health model which underlies each of our product lines.  This model is the foundation upon which the products work together as a cohesive whole.


This section is your ‘go-to’ source for a quick background on New Earth; who we are as a community; and the vision of its corporate leaders.  There are details on our charitable outreach programs, including the our Give programs. 

You can also learn about the Klamath Basin ecosystem and how it impacts New Earth’s foundational product, our edible blue green microalgae (Aphanazomenon flos-aquae, also known as AFA).  You can find video clips on most of these topics.


This is the business training section.

The Cycle of Success Training

Our business training follows the 8 Simple Steps in the Cycle of Success This Cycle has, in various forms, been used to create successful networking organizations, for over 20 years.  Following it will get you – and your partners – up and running with the Simplexity business.

Duplication is the key to success in Network Marketing – if you duplicate this training, you will create the foundation for success.

NOTE: Many aspects of the training and business are most effective done with a mentor or partner.  If you do not have a mentor immediately available, contact the company for your next active upline, or partner with someone who can work with you – a spouse or other member of the Simplexity community.

If all else fails, do the best you can, use tools whenever possible, and remember to be the mentor for your partners! Network Marketing is a team sport! 


In addition to the 3 training sections,  this site links to both product and business presentations.  There is a variety so you can choose a presentation that fits your specific prospecting needs. As you will learn—your job is to invite people to see presentation material that fits their needs. These tools (and/or your upline) will do the presentation—you only INVITE!