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Make organic microalgae a standard in every diet.

As one of the four oldest companies in the industry, we have seen many others come and go over the years. We have seen them build hopes and dreams in people only to leave them disappointed. We have seen them make promises they were not able to keep. We have seen them sell inferior products that do more harm than good just to make a buck.

Listen to Abbie McClung share her story of working with New Earth

In today’s environment and especially in our industry, one questions whether or not a company will be in existence 10, 20, or 50 years from now and with good reason. Their success is around a product or widget designed to do one thing—make money. It is built around hype and emotion.

New Earth is a different kind of company. New Earth is more than a business opportunity. It is more than a suite of incredible algae and mushroom-based products. It is more than a movement or mission. It is a cause.

New Earth is designed around one thing—to see that every life has access to the life-enhancing, organic superfood formulas that we create with uncompromising integrity. The physical health and well-being of our bodies and the earth are bigger than any one of us; but there is a power, a force in Earth’s First Foods, that unites people from every race, religion, and creed for the good of all mankind. Without a doubt, our longevity and success can only be attributed to a phenomenal array of cutting-edge products and a dynamic, loyal team of marketers.

New Earth is not just another network marketing company. Our amazing culture is unlike any other company in the world. Our community is built around making a difference;  having fun; and making money. 

Since 1992, our charitable arm has provided life-giving products to thousands of impoverished and undernourished children and adults in Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Kenya, Ghana, India, Belarus, North America, and other parts of the world.  We also support Marta’s House, a shelter for abused women and children in Klamath Falls, Oregon; and various military initiatives.

With New Earth came GIVE–a line that is revolutionary in its concept of mating business with charitable giving.  Unlike any other opportunity in the world, with Give, you can create an income solely through feeding those in need!

Our Core Values