New Earth

New Earth

The Products

New Earth is a life sciences company that is a leader in developing algae and mushroom-based whole food nutrition.

For almost 30 years, the parent company to New Earth has nurtured and promoted the life-enhancing qualities found in the organic microalgae of Upper Klamath Lake. With the birth of New Earth, our product core expanded to include medicinal mushroom formulas.

The Home Team

Many of New Earth’s home team members have worked with our parent company for nearly this entire time, and their intimate knowledge of our products and business means we have a company that will be thriving for another 30…or 50…years.

The Field

Many of field leaders also have been with this one company for decades.  In an industry where the ‘flavor of the day’ is rampant, this type of loyalty stands out as a testiment to the power of our products and our opportunity.

About Us–Your Field Upline

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