About Us

Welcome to the Spirit of Leadership business training site

This easy-to-use and all-in-one training site has been created through a collaboration of several New Earth leaders.  Each of us has, independently, reached the highest title of our company at some point. 

Together, we have over 125 years of success in network marketing and specifically, in the parent company of New Earth.  We bring to you the expertise of leaders in a line that includes such well known icons as Kim Bright, John David Mann and Viktoras Kulvinskas.  Our knowledge, experience, and vision is for your greatest success with this legacy company.

Note: We realize that for the business training section, different field leaders may use a different layout than the 8 Simple Steps on The Cycle to Success, or use a different number of steps.

Our goal is that all New Earth organizations in our lines are free to pick and choose, out of the resources found on this site, what works for their specific training needs.

Your Upline Success Team