Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition 

Functional Nutrition is the basis for our 4 Building Blocks of Health model.

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is need-based nutrition.  It underlies our product philosophy:

 “The human body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself when given natural premium, full-spectrum nutrition.”

Functional Nutrition recognizes the scientific fact that in order for our body’s cells and organs and systems to function normally, we have certain basic biological or physiological NEEDS that must be met.  As long as we meet these needs effectively and consistently, the body thrives, and we call this health and wellbeing.  Functional Nutrition teaches us that our health and wellbeing can be our responsibility. 

Learning to talk about our product benefits by talking about how they support function is the best way to remain compliant with government regulation of the supplement industry.

Compliance refers to being within the bounds of the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) regarding how we market the benefits of our products.  Unfortunately, it can be quite easy to step outside this boundary when you have experienced a major physical or mental change for the better!

(NOTE: there is no legal prohibition about how you talk about products – only if you are marketing them! The rules do not deny freedom of speech, but prohibit marketing with medical claims, true or false.)

In short, you can talk about how nutrients affect the body’s form and function—how they work, in other words.  You cannot talk about how any of our products treats, cures, or affects any disease or disease process.  This is very important and we encourage you to learn about our health model so that you can feel comfortable when sharing our products. 

Read more about DSHEA and compliance.

The Four Building Blocks of Health

This simple model illustrates and categorizes how nutrition affects and supports the body.  When you understand how the body uses nutrients, and what the body needs in order to have strong health, you better understand how to support those needs.
No matter what products you prefer to promote, or what niche you want to promote within, the 4 Building Blocks of Health model is a tool that will help you effectively – and legally – share our product benefits.