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After nearly 3 decades of using these amazing products, we in the field have consistently seen how all bodies respond well to the addition of freshwater microalgae to the diet.  We have also seen, again and again, that a person may drift away for a time, to try something ‘new’.  A great many come back after realizing there is nothing equal to what edible algae can offer. 

Our algae (Aphanizomenon flos aquae, or AFA) is the core of our product line.

A Miracle of Nature: The Klamath Basin Ecosystem

Mare’s Eggs

Upper Klamath Lake is one of nature’s most miraculous nutrition resources.

The wealth of nutrients in this lake creates the perfect environment for AFA or Super Blue Green® Algae (SBGA) to grow with such abundance in the wild.

The lake is fed by a mix of natural springs, pure streams and creeks, and two major snow-fed rivers, the Wood River and the Williamson River.

The lake sits in a huge ecosystem that nurtures the purity of the waters. Along the north edge of the lake lays the Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge.  State lands and mountainous terrain bound the west and north sides of the lake.  With the town of Klamath Falls downstream to the south, the lake is naturally isolated and protected.  Seventy percent of the total watershed of the area that includes Upper Klamath Lake is under federal ownership.

A Commitment to Quality

New Earth is committed to bringing superior quality algae to its customers. With over the 30 years of history in working with this wild resource, they have developed and refined proprietary harvesting and processing processes to ensure the nutritional properties of this wild Bluegreen microalgae are held intact.

Read about our quality control and processing below. 

Preserving Nutrients

The harvesting and processing methods are among the many critical factors making New Earth’s Super Blue Green Algae so special. Freshwater algae is extremely sensitive to heat and light. If AFA is subjected to extreme heat during harvesting and processing, much of its valuable nutrition is lost.  See a Detailed Algae Nutrients List.

Harvesting & Processing

The process of creating the most perfect algae supplement begins with harvesting this wild resource. We have actually created a harvest system, composed of:

  •  The direct harvest vessel gathers the algae from the lake.  This craft was designed by Simplexity engineers
  •  The refrigeration craft.  Called the “Chiller Boat,” it cools the algae to 38°F within one minute of its harvesting from the water, thus preserving its essential nutritional properties
  • Three transport boats quickly bring the algae to shore
  • Stainless steel refrigerated tankers delivers the algae the short distance to Simplexity’s processing facilities

The integrity and superiority of Simplexity products depends on a complex series of integrated testing, harvesting and processing procedures.

    * Pre-Harvest Scouting: During harvest season, Simplexity tests the lake and begins harvesting only when conditions are optimal.

   * Pre-Screening: This is the 1st stage of harvest.  Fresh algae is gently filtered out of the lake water with fine mesh screens.

   * Primary Separation: Primary separators remove everything suspended in the lake water. The algae is further concentrated by removing virtually all of the extracellular water.

   * Chilling: The algae is quickly chilled to less than 40°F. The rapid cooling preserves the algae’s chlorophyll and enzymes, and slows its metabolism to prevent degradation of important and sensitive nutrients.

   * Secondary Separation: Secondary separators remove any remaining extraneous materials.

   * Batch Testing: Every batch of harvested algae is tested before further processing for purity and quality.

   * Freezing: The algae is quickly frozen into slabs at a temperature of -40°F. It is then stored at -10°F in sealed containers until drying.

   * Drying: To ensure the algae retains vital nutrients, all cellular water is gently removed using a low temperature spray-drying process called BioActive Dehydration™. A proprietary Oxy-Guard™ system prevents oxidation during drying.

   * Powdering and Bottling:  This is done in-house to retain quality control. The result is a medium to dark green powder with a mild taste and aroma and with virtually all of the algae’s original nutrients intact.

   * Testing: Once dried and powdered, purity and toxicity analyses are again performed on each batch of the algae in house and independent labs to ensure a superior product for you.

In addition to  in-house testing, Super Blue Green® Algae is USDA and Pro-Cert Certified Organic; New Earth’s processing is certified Pro-Cert Organic, and Star-K Kosher, as well as Halal certified.  New Earth is the only algae harvester and manufacturer that has the NSF’s Good Manufacturing Practices registration.

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