Live: Your Health

New Earth has been harvesting the highest quality natural and organic algae-based supplements for nearly 30 years. New Earth has taken Earth’s First Food and married it to another ancient superfood: Medicinal Mushrooms.  The resulting formulas represent some of the most potent, highest quality and frequency foods on our Planet.

True health is not only physical; it is mental and emotional as well. Our goal is to help secure the health of all people, as well as their animals, by making New Earth products  a standard part of every diet.

In this section of our training, we provide information on the five lines of New Earth products; and teach the health philosophy that guides product development.  Many of these training and information pieces are accessible as pdf documents for printing, as well as through videos.

New Earth Product Lines

New Earth has five distinct product lines, which help make it easy for you to share and recommend entire product programs based on health interests and lifestyle choices.

Essential Line

The Essential line is just that–a line that provides the essential building blocks to cellular and digestive health.

Wild Line

The Wild line focuses on ingredients that allow you to access truly wild foods–algae, mushrooms and sprouted grains and grasses.

Edge Line

Edge is our active lifestyles line.  It has been created specifically to maximize your physical potential and enhance recovery.

Thrive Line

The Thrive line contains product formulas that powerfully target and support the following specific body systems: circulation and cellular energy, nerve and brain function, healing and renewal.

Give Line

The Give line is unique in our industry.  With the assistance of Feeding America, New Earth has created a fully commissioned line that is ready to donate to food banks across the nation.

Individual Products & Product Packages

Quickly find specific information on any product or product package.

Earth’s First Foods

Algae Information Learn more about the wild Klamath bluegreen algae at the core of our product line, as well as other algae from around the world.

Mushroom Information Learn more about the different medicinal mushrooms found in our formulas.

The Four Building Blocks of Health  

Learn about our health model, which helps to clearly define the function and benefits of all the products.

Health Presentations   

Videos that are suitable for presentations to prospects are found in this section.

Certifications and Quality Control

NSF Certification  All our products are guaranteed to contain the highest quality ingredients.  The company employs stringent in-house and third party testing, and has earned the prestigious NSF Good Manufacturing Certification. This guarantees that every product contains what is on the label, and nothing else. No other algae product from Upper Klamath Lake carries this certification.

Product Resources 

More detailed information on many health topics. More coming soon!