Step 7: Duplicate


Duplication is how you access the dream of time freedom.  When you find others who have their own dream to follow, and you mentor them to their success, you are accessing business results that are impossible for you to do alone.  You build your customer base through product sales.  To build a network and create true residual income, you DUPLICATE by helping your partners follow the Cycle of Success.…just as you are. 

However, the nuts and bolts how to direct your actions is called the 4 Core.  This is one of the simplest, yet most effective, duplication models in our industry!  The Core 4 Actions incorporate a key New Earth bonus, The Get 3.  Repeated by you and your business partners, these actions maximize your income at every level.

The 4 Core Strategy:

                    1. Sign up with a minimum of $150 first order

                    2. Set up a min. $100 monthly Autoship 

                    3. Find 3 business partners who repeat these steps

                    4. Create $200 in customer volume

That’s it folks!  These 4 actions create a $100 residual check.

When your 3 business partners duplicate these actions, you create a $350 check.

When their 3 business partners duplicate these actions, your income is nearly $1500!

1. Sign up with a minimum $150 first order


  • You immediately access a 25% First Order Bonus on any new Associate you enroll–paid weekly!        
  • You are eligable for 20% commissions on volume generated by personally enrolled Consumers
  • You are eligible for 2% commissions on personally enrolled Associate orders

2. Set up a min. $100 monthly Autoship

BENEFITS:  You are qualified to be paid on any Get 3 structure you create

You are paid all the other commissions listed in Step 1

You get a solid and real product experience to share

3. Sign up 3 Associates who follow the first two steps

BENEFITS:  Once these Associates are on the minimum $100 autoship, you have your first level of the Get 3 structure.  

You have the start of three solid legs

4. Create $200 in customer volume 

BENEFIT: You now have the $600 total personal team volume requirement for the Get 3 met

You have begun to create a solid and stable network and income

Your income is $100 ongoing for every month this volume and the associate autoships are in place!

To build a strong foundation and maximize your income, have your 3 Associates duplicate these 4 core actions.

That’s it!  As your network duplicates this Core Action Strategy, you add more bonuses and move up the New Earth compensation ladder. Your job is to help others to DO THE SAME THING (DTST):

  • Sponsor each new partner properly with the first two Core Strategy Steps

  • Train each partner with this exact training we’re doing right now

  • Mentor your partners to help them do the same with their partners

This is the truth: your partners will do what you do, so set the example for your partners as they grow their businesses.


  • You may need to enroll more than one partner to end up with the one who will duplicate follow the 4 Core. Don’t be disappointed if you sponsor 5 or 6 to get your Get 3 Structure in place.  We expect that… it’s built into our numbers!
  • While you are recruiting your partners, continue to build your personal volume with customers.
  • You want to repeat this process to bring in, eventually, a total of at least 6 partners.
  • Remember, duplication happens best when you use tools. Work with your mentors whenever possible, and learn how to invite effectively.

Here is a printable version of our 4 Core Strategy (document coming soon!)

For more detailed information on bonuses & commissions using this strategy, go to Maximize Your Pay.(document coming soon!)