Step 6: Listen & Ask

Listen & Ask

Stay Connected After the Presentation

Set the Appointment

The biggest mistake most people make is not getting an appointment for a specific date and time to follow up after information is given out. The time to make the appointment is at the same time you give the brochure, or send the link to online information (or whatever you choose as the Presentation).

If you fail to set a follow-up appointment, you will be in the position of having to “chase” someone down. You can waste a lot of time and energy and feel uncomfortably like you are “pursuing” someone.  What is worse is that the person you are trying to connect with is likely to feel the same way, since they never made a commitment to this follow up process.

Setting the appointment is a smart way to line up expectations about the process. They have expressed interest; you are providing information for them to make their own decision. They will have questions; you need to be able to answer them.  You have a right to find out if they are interested in what the information offers.

Listen & Answer

After your prospects have heard or seen a Presentation, they likely will have questions that need to be answered.  Because we know that this is a “monkey see – monkey do” business, the best way to do this is with a mentor who will answer those questions while you listen and learn.   If you don’t have a mentor to help with this step, provide information with tools—not your own words—whenever possible. No arm-twisting. Remember you are “looking for people who are looking.”

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Staying Connected with Your Organization

This is another crucial aspect of building a stable, long-term income.

Once a new person has joined your organization, you need to continue to provide them with connection to you, and through you, to their goals, be that business success or product results.  Remember–a person often joins  because of their connection to you, not to a product they haven’t tried or a business they haven’t yet created! 


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