Step 5: Invite

Step 5: Invite 

Our last step was the action Step 4: Build Connections.  Your next action is Step 5: Invite.

Following the Invitation are the last two actions in actually building your network: Present; and Step 6, Listen & Ask.

The good news is the only action you need to do yourself is the Invite!

The Presentation and Step 6: Listen & Ask are either done for you (via tools or senior team partners) or with you (senior team partners).  And if you are uncomfortable or inexperienced with inviting, you can ask your team for help with that too!

NOTE: If you do not have a mentor immediately available, contact New Earth or your next active upline; or partner with someone who can work with you – a spouse or other member of the New Earth community. If all else fails, do the best you can, use tools whenever possible, and remember to be the mentor for your partners! Network Marketing is a team sport! 

Once you find a person who desires a change and is looking for solutions, the next step is to issue an Invitation without persuasion or explanation.

Important: You do not make the Presentation; you invite and make an appointment to follow up with a Listen & Ask session.

Business Building Rule #4

In the beginning, your ONLY job is to invite your prospect to hear/view a Presentation

In summary: The Presentation is done with tools or by a senior partner or team member; and the next step, Listen & Ask (or followup) after the Presentation is, whenever possible, done by a partner or mentor in a 3-way call or get-together. 

The Invitation Formula

We recommend using the  Invitation Formula. It has been successfully used for decades, and is effective.  You will, over time, learn to make an invitation uniquely ‘yours’; but this formula is the basis of success.  We have two versions: a Business Invitation and a Product Invitation.

After you make an invitation, you will hear one of three responses: Yes; No; or Not Yet.

It is important for your happiness and piece of mind that you accept, up front, that all three answers are OK! 

Business Building Rule #5

All you have control over is making the Invitation.  Yes, no, or not yet—all answers are equally acceptable

If you can learn to invite without attachment to the answer, you will never be disappointed! And you will find that people will not experience your invitation as “selling.” Cultivate the Skill of Unattachment.