Step 3: Make Your List

Making A List

The first action step in building your business is often described as “making a list”.  You actually create two lists; one of potential customers and one of potential business partners.  The important thing is to just start writing names!  You can determine later whether the person will be interested more in products or the business opportunity. 

  1. Print out two copies of the Memory Jogger.   One will be for potential consumers, the other for potential business partners.  Try for 100 names, and update regularly.  This form will help you create your lists, and keep track of follow-up.
  2. You can also use 40 Names in 40 Minutes for more help.

For a more detailed version of this step:

Make Your List, New Associate

Make Your List, Established Associate

Making a list of potential business partners may be challenging in the beginning. Remember who you are looking for! Who you look for depends on you.   Your business partners should match or complement your interests and strengths.

  • Success is not a matter of how many you enroll. It’s the quality of people you enroll that matters.  Look for your prospects among people you want to associate with!
  • The less time you have available, the more selective you need to be.  Invite as many as you like, but don’t waste time. Don’t wait for a “no;” move on if you find your connection is going nowhere.

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Business Building Rule #2:

You must effectively and continuously build your list to insure long-term success.

After you have gone through your first List, where will you continue to find your customers and business partners?  Unless you are in a position where you continually connect with new people, eventually you will deplete your original list of names.

It is important to realize is that creating your list is not a one-time chore!  Your first list will contain people you know and whom are in your sphere of influence. Adding to your list is the ongoing core action that provides the lifeblood of your growing business.

In Step 4, Build Connections you will find information about different methods you can use to reach out and expand your sphere of influence.