Step 2: Take Your First Steps

My First Steps

Remember this is a duplication business – what you do is what your partners will do!

Getting set up and connected

  • Enroll as an Associate

Enrollment requires either the purchase of a Business Kit ($50) or any first product order with a business kit.  EITHER an order of $150, along with a $150 autoship set up at the same time for the following month; OR a $500 or more first order; will include the kit at no charge. 

NOTE: We recommend you purchase at least a $150 first order.  With a minimum of a $150 first order, you are immediately eligible for all bonuses and commissions your qualify for, including First Order Bonuses paid weekly on the INITIAL ORDERS of Associates you enroll.

  • Approve your Distributor Agreement Form

You will be asked to do so in your back office. 

Your back office is attached to your free website, which is created when you first join, and which contains a store and is identified with your own ID number.

NOTE: Company approved third-party distributor websites are also available.  See Business Resources.

  • Set up a minimum $100 monthly AutoShip

This needs to begin the month AFTER you enroll.  This qualifies you for commissions on all people you enroll.

NOTE: Once you have a network of more than one level deep, you will want to increase your autoship to $150 to take advantage of additional commissions on deeper levels.

  • Sign up to receive Reach, our company newsletter

There are weekly posts that offer additional inspiration and tips on creating a successful business. 

You access this via your individual company replicating site.  Your site is found with and add your ID number at the end of this url.  You access your personal back office by logging in at the top right of your home page. You will need your ID number and the passcode you created when you joined.  Click on the various links found in your back office to explore what is available to you.

NOTE: For the first time you check out your back office, we recommend you have a guide with you, either a senior partner or someone at the company’s customer service department.

  • Set up your home office

Find a spot to call your “office.” This can be as small as a corner of a kitchen; or spare room, with a desk and room for your computer/printer, a few files, marketing materials and office supplies. See Creating Your Home Office for more details on creating a functional home office.