Step 1: Define Your Dreams

Step 1: Define Your Dreams

Being true to your goals, your vision, and your values is an essential foundation of success.  Because people have thousands of options for products and opportunities, they will decide to join you if they trust that you are being real with them.  Knowing what motivates and inspires you helps you to be “authentic.”

Plus, being true to your own vision will help you enjoy your business and thrive long-term.

Everyone’s busy…this is probably true for you, and is going to be true for 90 percent of the people you’d like on your team.  Everyone has limited time! If we are to succeed, we all need a constant reminder of why we are taking time from our busy lives to take the consistent action steps necessary for success.  We call these reasons our compelling ‘why.’”

What is your COMPELLING “WHY”?

What motivation led you to start your New Earth business? Here are some general reasons many people mention:

  • Improving health and wellness for myself, my family, and others
  • Helping myself and my family financially
  • Improving my lifestyle and having more time freedom
  • Making a difference by supporting healthy change in the world

It’s important that you use these general ideas to define your passions and then refine them into the specific reasons you want this business to succeed.

Many people feel that perhaps they would never be able to make a dream into their physical reality.  The following document helps you understand why we all have the capacity to make our dreams come true: Dreams Into Reality.

Your Vision Exercise: Take at least 20-30 minutes to write what a successful New Earth business can bring to you.

NOTE: Here is a more detailed and printable version of Define Your Dreams.

Use your emotions!  Tell the story of what you will gain; detail what will change to make your life better, when you have created the business you desire.

Use this format if it helps:

My motivations: Your “Compelling Why”

Why do I want to create this business?

What inspires me about this opportunity?

My goals: Be specific.  Where would you like to be:

  • Next year
  • In five years
  • In ten years

Income: Do you need help setting financial goals?

Lifestyle: What are my lifestyle goals? 

Health: What are my health goals?


Hang this where you can see it daily. Share it with your mentors and partners. Revisit and update it regularly. It will help you create a business you enjoy, and goals you will reach!

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