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Congratulations on choosing a potentially life-changing business that supports your health, your lifestyle and our planet!

By working through this training, you can realize some reasonable economic success quickly.  To reach your goals for long-term success, you will be training your partners the same way, based on the Cycle of Success.  

Success Cycle Part 1: Foundation

 You want to do Steps 1-2 as quickly as possible–in the first 2-3 days is ideal.

Please print out The Cycle of Success.

Step 1  Define Your Dreams It is important to know your guiding dreams and passions, in order to enjoy and feel passionate about your home based business.  We urge you write out your goals and your most compelling motivation to succeed.  What manifests in your life is an expression of your inner life–your Vision.

Step 2 Take Your First Steps Enrolling with the company and setting up your office space is simple if you follow these guidelines.

Success Cycle Part 2: Actions for Growth

Steps 3 – 6  are the action steps to creating your organization and business income.   Eventually, you will learn more about the products, our business model, and many other things—but these are not necessary in the beginning and do not directly affect your check.

Business Building Rule #1:  Spend 80% of your available time on Action Steps and 20% on maintaining your home office and business

Building your business is about taking actions to get our message out into the world.  We don’t mean doing a presentation—that is the job of our tools and upline mentors.   Prospecting success relies on these action steps.

You work on Steps 3-4 within your first week.  

Step 3 Make Your List Your List is the heart of building an organization.

Step 4 Build connections Only through connections will you find out what people need.

You work Steps 5-6 as appropriate for your situation, once you have your list and have begun to build connections with people.

This may be during your first week; or it may take you a few weeks to get to where you are Inviting people to view a presentation. 

Step 5 Invite: An Invitation is where you offer information based on your prospect’s needs and desires.

Step 6 Listen & Ask: Follow up is the core to creating a stable organization.

Success Cycle Part 3: Strategy

The last 2 steps create a strategic focus for your actions in order to build a solid and stable organization, and are a natural consequence of the first 6 steps in the Cycle. 

These two steps are interchangeable as far as which you choose to do first!

Step 7 Duplicate: As you move through the 8 Simple Steps, you will be looking for partners to build your network. To maximize your income, you Duplicate with the Get 3 Strategy (document is coming soon). 

The Get 3 is a simple strategy to maximize your income through the creation of a strong network.

Step 8  Create Your Customer Base:  Learn about the importance of growing your customer group, setting goals that create maximum financial reward, and creating strategies to accomplish your goals.