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Youe New Earth parent company is one of only a handful of network marketing companies, world-wide, to have been in continuous business for over 30 years.  New Earth has a history of paying our checks on time and in full!  This kind of stability is only one of the many reasons you are able to create a lasting income. 

The 8 Simple Steps in the Cycle of Success is a proven method for creating a solid organization with lasting income potential.  The steps laid out are truly a “cycle”; you can start anywhere that is appropriate for your needs at this time.  To make working the steps intuitive, we have links throughout the text, to specific tools found in our Business Resources. 

The Cycle contains concepts that are universal to creating a network marketing organization.  There are many variations in how these concepts may be presented. We realize that different leaders may choose a different layout or number of steps.   Our goal is that all Simplexity organizations are free to pick and choose, out of the resources found on this site, what works for their specific training needs.

If you are new…or beginning anew–go to Get Started now…and know you are taking the first step of a wonderful journey to success.