Welcome to Spirit of Leadership—a business and training resource for New Earth Business Associates in the Original New Earth Line.  This site has been created by a team of leaders who have significant and long-term success with the parent company of New Earth.

If you want to get started now, go to HOW TO USE .  This is a guide to using this site and for those business associates who want or need one, a suggested training schedule.

 This is a one-stop website with all the tools and resources you need for complete business and product training.  You will also find the tools, tips and the resources you need to create a stream of income with your New Earth business. 

Note: The Grow business section is organized by elements that are universal to creating a network marketing organization. There are many variations in how these elements may be presented. We realize that different field leaders may use a different layout or number of steps.

Our goal is that all New Earth organizations within our lines are free to pick and choose, out of the resources found on this site, what works for their specific training needs.

The Spirit of Leadership

We know that ultimately, your success in New Earth—while enhanced by training—is dependent upon your spirit and your vision.  We recognize the power of the human spirit to overcome obstacles and turn dreams into reality.  Spirit of Leadership is so named as an acknowledgement of your power, your vision and your spirit.

Spirit of Leadership is organized into 3 sections for easy use:

LIVE This section offers you product information and training.  You can choose quick video clips; or choose to watch our Product Philosophy presentation for the “how and why” our product works.

GIVE This section provides background information on New Earth’s history; our mission statement; and introduces you to several of our Home Team Leaders.  You can learn about our unique ecosystem, and find details about the heart of our charitable outreach, the Solution Projects.

GROW This section offers training, tips, tools and more to support your creation real stream of income from your successful New Earth business.

In addition to these three sections, we have three other important sections.

HOW TO USE  is a guide to using this site and for those business associates who want or need one, a suggested training schedule.

RESOURCES  One you have a team of your own, this is your GO-TO tab.  It contains every document, tool and piece of information referred to or recommended throughout this training site.

PRESENTATIONS are just that.  There are links to field-produced product and business presentations.  These presentations augment and support New Earth’s amazing training and presentation tools.  These are presentations appropriate for you to use with prospects, and can also function as part of your training.  These presentations are accessable via separate urls so that you do not need to send your prospect to this training site.

Please feel free to go through this site at your pace; and use the resources as needed.  We encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge and suggestions for your success found in the How to Use guide.  The upline team who collaborated on this training brings to you over 125 years of success in this industry.

Remember…you are in control of your destiny!

Your New Earth Upline Support Team

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